Innovative Investment for Disruptive Synthetic Biology Applications

Europe's Hidden Gem

We believe that synthetic biology, microbiome research, and the intersection between them can help us tackle critical challenges and make our world healthier, more prosperous and sustainable. We are also convinced that Europe’s strength in fundamental sciences is dramatically under exploited.

What better way to harness the strengths of Europe’s knowledge economy than investing in its brightest minds? Supporting scientists’ commercialization efforts also means creating new jobs, companies, and even novel industries along with the disruptive technology they bring to market. 

From new cell therapies, to using our own body-dwelling microbes as medicine, to  life-saving gene therapies — when it comes to applications in healthcare, the sky is the limit. Europe’s researchers are finding new health applications for Synthetic biology and microbiome work at unprecedented speed.

Keeping in mind that planet health is human health, there’s nothing more precious than the place we all call home. Mobilizing microbiota and synthetic biology for the environment could help us create better biofuels, restore and conserve the diversity of species, and fight pollution.

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Investing in Europe's Best

As an investment company, we are the first to focus on supporting the best of Europe-UK-Israel's synthetic biologists and microbiome experts in launching ambitious and impactful startups.

Catalyzing Success

Acting as a bridge between industry and academia, we help catalyze researchers’ commercialization efforts means by providing the right support at the right time. With the refined expertise of our seasoned leadership team, and with the insights of a proprietary AI tool, we select projects that are set up to succeed

Our Model

We take an active role in the project ideation phase and take very early-stage projects through our Studio model for startup creation. For later-stage ventures, we give more established startups the boost they need to get from proof-of-concept to industry game-changers.

Solving Critical Challenges

By supporting a full pipeline of synthetic biology and microbiome innovation, we encourage the development of a broad range of companies that are positioned to tackle today and tomorrow’s health, environmental and economic challenges.

Our Focus

The projects and companies we support harness the potential of synthetic biology, microbiome research, and the intersection between them.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology applies engineering approaches to the re-design and enhancement of biological organisms. Some of today's SynBio technology has allowed to develop tools like vaccines and life-saving gene therapies.


Microbes like bacteria and fungi live in, on , and around us. The human microbiome is essential to our development, immunity, and nutrition but we are also affected by the health of microbe communities in our oceans and atmosphere.


"SynBiome" is the term we use to describe the intersection between synthetic biology and microbiome work. Optimizing the microbiome can enhance certain types of synthetic biology technology while synthetic biology approaches can enhance microbe species behavior.

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