Vision & Mission

Inadequate answers to crucial health questions​

“Our analysis points to a mismatch between pharmaceutical research and the global burden of disease, which raises questions about priorities in both private and public research budgets.”
Alfredo Yegros, Robert Tijssen, María-Francisca Abad-García & Ismael Ràfols, Nature Index March 2018

We believe existing life sciences R&D structures are unable to meet current health challenges.   

European science remains largely under-exploited compared to countries like the US, with the gap between academia and big pharma widening over the years.  

The biotech model has brought many medical advances but is missing systematic approach to the multiple R&D pathways for a given disease). It is disconnected (there is no real upstream collaboration with health stakeholders on future drug outcomes) and suboptimal (the best projects are not always those with the best access to financing).   

eureKARE intends to address these limitations thanks to a disruptive project identification and development model.

Identifying & extracting hidden gems
in European academic research

eureKARE is a project ideation, validation and development platfom starting with the identification of a need

eureKARE will help new projects to emerge

Project Identification / Ideation / Extraction / Initial Financing


eureKARE promotes cross-fertilization and sharing of resources

Connecting teams / Facilitating collaborative work

Unlike a traditional incubator, eureKARE initiates the creation process. 

eureKARE is developing proprietary data mining and AI tools to get an exhaustive panorama of the best academic research teams & projects in the fields of the microbiome and synthetic biology in Europe.

Exploring opportunities in the European Fertile Crescent of innovation hubs

Europe’s scientists are at the forefront of microbiome and synthetic biology research due to the innovative work and thought leadership taking place at prestigious universities and research centers. eureKARE believes there is a tremendous opportunity to industrialize this transformational research by building bridges between academia and industry.

Our disruptive Biotech Studio model

eureKARE manages two Biotech Studios in the microbiome and synthetic biology fields, which propose turnkey solutions for European academic scientists who are keen to build their venture within the eureKARE Group

eureKARE offers hands-on support for investee companies including: legal, HR & accountancy services, equity financing, maximization of non-dilutive financing, communication & public relations, networking, continuous dialogue with BD and M&A decision-makers…

Our Investment Strategy

Academic Projects

The core of our strategy to create and accompany new ventures from concept to POC

Mature Projects

eureKARE selects investments in Series B or beyond, ideally paired with the acquisition of secondary shares

Our Investment Process

Our investment process promises to be quick, agile and transparent, showing results in less than a month. Opportunities are discussed at our Scientific Advisory Board and validated by our Project Development Committee. Day-to-day advisory and long-term monitoring are priorities for all eureKARE’s investments. A Quarterly Update Report is sent to our shareholders.

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