We invest in synthetic biology innovations

To bring disruptive technologies in health, environment and sustainability, and biomanufacturing to market.

Science is in our DNA

Most of our team has advanced training in science and our international Science Advisory Board is award-winning. We scout for ambitious SynBio projects and run pitch competitions to support the best in the field.

Our network

Spans many niche areas of SynBio research and commercialization across Europe. We nurture it through our Annual SynBio Day, pitch competitions, and participation to workshops and conferences.

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Highly specialized

We are 100% dedicated to investment in projects that use synthetic biology in the most innovative ways. We’re convinced that European research has immense potential to be exploited for the greater good.

Multi-sector portfolio

Our investments span health, environment and bio-manufacturing. We support ventures at different stages of their development to maintain a balanced portfolio.

We’re investing in the next big revolution

Synthetic biology applies techniques from engineering and computer sciences to biology. We believe it will revolutionize how we live, eat, and protect our planet.


of the materials we use could be made using biology

Over 400

use cases with applications in healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and the environment

Up to 4Tn US$

is the estimated value projection of direct economic impact of SynBio innovation by 2040

Our investment model

We act as a bridge between academia and industry, financing and developing synthetic biology innovation across Europe, UK, and Israel through an innovative investment model geared towards very early-stage start-ups and more mature SynBio companies.

25 M
Raised for our launch in 2021
1 st
SPAC dedicated to bio-manufacturing in Europe
Companies financed
Editions of our International Conference SynBio Day
Biotech Start-Up Studios
> 150
Scientific projects evaluated

Our areas of focus

We’re convinced that the right SynBio innovations will provide solutions to major challenges of our time.


We have made 9 investments in the health space, including a SPAC. These span cell and gene therapies, microbial drugs, DNA synthesis, and more. Our start-up studio in Brussels has been specially created to focus on biomedical innovation.

Environment & Sustainability

We recently invested in a company developing DNA data storage technology. Other investments and projects in this space are in the pipeline and currently under evaluation for our start-up studio in Monaco focused on environmental applications.


Synthetic biology can pave the way to new manufacturing techniques. Some of our projects focused on health applications will also provide valuable tools for the manufacturing industry. We are actively sourcing more of these cross-sector platform technologies.


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