Our start-up studios

Scientists know how to use synthetic biology to do amazing things! We know how to catalyze their innovations into successful businesses with access to funding, the right resources at the right time, and cross-sharing of expertise within our start-up studio network.

Our start-ups are grouped into specialized studios set up to thrive in one of  Europe’s innovation ecosystems, enabling them to grow fast, deliver maximum value and achieve tangible economic scale.

Synthetic biology focused

Our studios are 100% focused on investing in new and disruptive SynBio innovations.

Catalyst for deep tech development

Our studios enable top-notch scientists with the most complex SynBio-based research to transform their discoveries into ground-breaking and marketable technology.

Scientific, business and financial in-house expertise

All potential projects are audited by our prestigious Science Advisory Board team members with advanced training in science and exceptional experience in business.

Knowledge transfer across our studios

Our ventures have access to our network for valuable scientific and business advice,  industry connections and potential partners.

Biomedical Studio |


For start-ups dedicated to creating the next generation of cell and gene therapies.

Belgium is known as a well-established biotech valley. Home to many leading academic research centers, large pharmaceutical companies and an increasing number of startups, Belgium and the Brussels region have become a hot spot for the development of technology with biomedical applications.

Environmental & Sustainability Studio |


Launching cutting-edge technologies to protect our oceans and land.

Given its rich maritime history and track record of sustainable action, Monaco is the ideal location for this new hub for climate change-focused innovation and has been warmly received by the Principality of Monaco. Monaco is home to The Scientific Centre of Monaco which, since 1989, has specialised in many areas linked to the environment including: marine biology, polar biology, environmental policy, astrophysics, and sustainable development.


We are actively scouting and evaluating applications for innovative projects dedicated to protecting our environmental resources via clean and sustainable technology.  Contact us with your ideas.

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