Monaco: a hotspot for untapped SynBio innovation

Authored by eureKARE: Alexandre Mouradian (Chairman, Co-Founder and CEO)

Everyone at eureKARE was delighted to launch our innovation-driven start-up studio in Monaco recently, which will be an important pillar within eureKARE’s synthetic biology (or ‘SynBio’) studio network. This one-of-a-kind studio will be focused on the application of synthetic biology to tackle critical environmental challenges, mainly the ones associated with marine ecosystem.

The launch announcement followed eureKARE’s annual SynBio Day conference, hosted in partnership with Centre Scientifique de Monaco last month. The unique event saw a diverse group of expert speakers from across the globe come together in Monaco to share their research into synthetic biology tools as solutions to oceanic and atmospheric challenges.

The event highlighted the impetus behind our new Monaco SynBio studio and shone a light on the exciting possibilities of this growing field. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco said it best in his opening remarks on the day: 

There’s no need to understand the subtleties of synthetic biology to measure the potential of this field and, above all, really appreciate the fantastic opportunities it opens up to the whole of humanity.”

Given its rich maritime history and track record of sustainable action, Monaco is the ideal location for this new hub for climate change-focused innovation and has been warmly received by the Principality of Monaco. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco commented, 

I welcome the dialogue that has been established between eureKARE and the Scientific Center of Monaco, in particular the opportunity to have one of your studios on its premises, like those you have already set up in various scientific centres across Europe.”

eureKARE’s synthetic biology studio model is a novel, flexible approach to biotech start-up creation which identifies, selects and nurtures high quality European science to create a unique ecosystem, putting resources and expertise behind scientists and concepts to create and develop new companies. We expect to select 3 projects over the next 6 months to be housed in the Monaco studio, and which aim to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Our vision is to build these into ground-breaking companies over the next two years and beyond, applying the right resources and know-how to nurture them through to independence and watch them soar and change all of our tomorrows.

Co-founding investor Alan Howard and I are committed to eureKARE’s mission of fostering novel research to create and develop new companies that bring real benefit to society. We feel strongly that we must pull together to unlock Europe’s untapped potential in synthetic biology innovation that may offer tangible solutions to the greatest environmental challenges facing our planet. Monaco offers the perfect home for us to do this, and we are excited to launch this initiative.

Photos from SynBio Day 2022 in Monaco. © Axel Bastello – Palais Princier and eureKARE.

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