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OMNE POSSIBILE made it to “Top 15 Swiss Biotech Startups making a difference in Europe”.

-Founded: 2021 Location: Basel

-As a brand new synbio company, Omne Possibile develops new-to-nature nucleic acids (XNA), which are modified versions of the natural building blocks of DNA and RNA molecules. XNA can be customized for different industrial applications in the areas of healthcare, information technology, and smart materials. For example, to avoid the limitations of messenger RNA (mRNA), researchers could use mXNA instead of mRNA to develop modern vaccines, treat genetic diseases, or fight pests in agricultural settings.

-In May 2021, Omne Possibile announced an investment of an undisclosed amount by French company eureKARE, which recently launched with €49M ($60M) to finance next-generation biotech companies in Europe.

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Omne Possibile launched to harness transformative power of XNA in healthcare, information technology and smart materials

-A pioneering, global technological leader in XNA creating customizable structures to outperform current DNA and RNA technologies.

-Omne Possibile (“the Company”), a global synthetic biology company pioneering the XNA revolution, has been launched today to harness the power of XNA (xeno nucleic acids) to transform medicine, agriculture, energy, consumer products and information technology. XNA is at the forefront of the synthetic biology revolution, designed to overcome the constraints of the chemical structures of DNA and RNA technologies. It is forecast to have a $4 trillion annual economic impact over the next 10 to 20 years, greater than that of the internet.

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NovoBiome launched to revolutionize treatment of liver diseases by targeting the microbiome-gut-liver axis

First biotech company dedicated to developing breakthrough Live Biotherapeutic Products targeting the critical nexus of liver, intestinal diseases and gut microbiome
Lead product focused on NAFLD / NASH, the third wave in metabolic diseases after obesity and Type 2 diabetes
– Biotech start-up studio model to select and nurture high quality European innovation with revolutionary potential to maximise opportunities for investors and scientists for the benefit of patients
– eureKARE is guided by influential founder, Alexandre Mouradian, accompanied by a highly skilled team and an international Scientific Advisory Board of renowned experts

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