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eureKARE co-leads EUR 5 million seed investment in Biomemory which is advancing cutting-edge DNA-based data storage solutions

eureKARE co-leads EUR 5 million seed investment in Biomemory which is advancing cutting-edge DNA-based data storage solutions

Biomemory, founded in 2021, is positioned at the crossroads of Biotechnology and IT and is a key player in the DNA data storage space. Its ambition is to help meet the climate challenge posed by data centers.

eureKARE supports eureKING in EUR 150 million listing of the first European healthcare SPAC dedicated to biomanufacturing

eureKARE announces the successful IPO on Euronext Paris of eureKING, the first European SPAC1 in healthcare dedicated to biomanufacturing that has been co-founded by eureKARE.

NovoBiome and Inserm form new collaboration to simulate human intestinal physiology

This collaboration aims to complete NovoBiome’s disruptive NovoSift® ex-vivo research and discovery platform to analyze the symbiotic relationship between the microbiota and the human intestine.

DNA Script Closes $200 Million Series C Financing with Completion of Second Tranche

DNA Script, a pioneer in Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) for on-demand DNA printing, today announced the completion of its Series C financing, raising $200 million of new capital. With this latest financing, DNA Script has raised $315 million since the company was founded in 2014.

Stellate Therapeutics publishes positive results in PLOS ONE on Neuroprotective Properties of Lead Candidate STL-101

Stellate Therapeutics Inc. (“the Company”, “Stellate”), a global biotechnology company developing disease-modifying therapies based on molecules derived from the microbiome to treat neurological conditions, is pleased to announce the publication of data evaluating the efficacy of the Company’s microbiome-derived lead candidate, STL-101 (synthesized queuine) in in vitro experiments. The data, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE, demonstrate that STL-101 has neuroprotective properties.

NovoBiome labelled French Tech Seed by the AgriO

-NovoBiome announces
that the AgriO Committee has labelled NovoBiome a ‘French Tech Seed’, paving the way for
NovoBiome to receive additional public fund.
-Pierre-Yves Mousset, Chief Executive Officer of NovoBiome, said: “We are thrilled to have
obtained this recognition by AgriO, which validates the potential of our disruptive ex-vivo
discovery platform. Moreover, it confirms the interest in the field of intestinal microbiota,
witnessing the close links between the two universes of health, and food and nutrition.”

NovoBiome and INRAE, a new Associated Partner Laboratory on human gut microbiota

-New partnership to aggregate cutting-edge technologies to study host-microbiota relationships as closely as possible to human physiology.
-Confirmation of INRAE’s commitment to develop and enhance the excellence of the research carried out by this reference institute

Stellate Therapeutics Strengthens Senior Management Team

-Stellate Therapeutics Inc.( “Stellate”), a global biotechnology company developing disease-modifying therapies for neurological conditions based on molecules derived from the microbiome, is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr. David Immke, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Jonathan Weiss, PhD, MBA as Director, Business Development, effective immediately.
-Dr. Immke is a scientific leader who brings deep industry and neuroscience expertise to Stellate Therapeutics.

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