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Seeking the most ambitious synthetic biology-based projects with projected impact in environment and sustainability


eurekAWARDS is a science-based pitch contest looking for novel, disruptive synthetic biology solutions that aim to tackle global challenges, from climate change to health and sustainable manufacturing.

If you are a researcher or an entrepreneur with a strong drive to turn your disruptive project idea into an innovative product,
the 2023 eurekAWARDS  provides you with a unique opportunity to compete for expert advice, in-kind start-up support, and potential funding.

What we offer

Expert advice & premium exposure:
Valuable feedback expert science and industry advisors. Potential exposure to other investors, media, and other key players in synthetic biology.

Winner’s package:
Furnished from eureKARE’s sponsors and industry network. 

Potential funding:
Investment prioritization by eureKARE in the launch of the start-up.


  • Researchers/ entrepreneurs focused on synthetic biology who are based and active in Europe, Israel, Monaco, Switzerland, and the UK.
  • With a strong drive to turn a disruptive synthetic-biology based project into a start-up company.
  • This year, the solution must address a clear and proven unmet need and add value to the following three key categories:

Green economy

Technology or platforms that aim to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Blue economy

Technology or platforms that seek to conserve marine and freshwater environments while harnessing their value in sustainable ways to produce critical resources like food and energy. Atmosphere/air technologies or platforms are included here as well.


Technologies or platforms that help us meet our own needs without compromising the wellbeing of future generations.

Examples of products and technology that fit into these categories include but are not limited to: synthetic cell components to manufacture sustainable biopolymers, bio-engineered advanced carbon materials, synthetic biology agents to extract and recycle rare and precious elements from mine waste and discarded electronic equipment, enhanced carbon sinks, engineered microorganisms as water pollution biosensors, new biofuels, green hydrogen, engineered enzymes to speed up decomposition of plastic.

How to apply

Applicants must submit their application online, in English only.


What to expect

Submission of pitch applications

Download our 5-slide deck template, fill it in with the required information, and submit it here.

Jul 3 – Oct 6, 2023 (online)

Internal application evaluation and semi-finalists disclosure

After an initial internal evaluation of the proposed projects, semi-finalists will be notified.

Oct 7 - Oct 30, 2023 (online)

Pitch to the scientific jury & finalists disclosure

The semi-finalists will pitch online to our Scientific Advisory Board. After evaluation, the finalists will be announced.

Nov 16, 2023 (online)

Workshop - Perfecting your pitch

Finalists will get a chance to improve their non-confidential presentations with the help of the eureKARE team during a dedicated online workshop, before the final pitch to the industry jury.

Jan 31, 2024 (online)

Pitch to the industry jury & winner announcement

All finalists will be invited to join a special event dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship in synthetic biology and pitch to a jury composed of leading industry representatives and expert advisors from our network. The final winner of the 2023 pitch competition will be announced at the end of the event.

Mar, 2024 TBD (in person, at the Entrepreneurship for Synthetic Biology event))

Scientific jury

To be added soon

Dr. Antoine Danchin

Kodikos Labs, Institut Cochin, Uni. of HK Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine & Chairman of eureKARE SAB
Prof. Danchin is a French geneticist known for his research in several fields of biology, from the structure and function of adenylate cyclase, to modelization of learning in the nervous system and the early development of genomics and bioinformatics. He was the director of the Department Genomes and Genetics at the Institute Pasteur in Paris.

Prof. Dr. Sven Panke

Professor, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich & Member of eureKARE SAB
Prof. Dr. Panke is part of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich. He is a leading scientist at the forefront of synthetic biology in Europe. He published landmark papers in the field of synthetic biology, systems biology, and process engineering. His work was awarded with the ETH Medal and the DSM Research Award.

Dr. George Weinstock

Professor and Associate Director for Microbial Genomics, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine & Member of SAB
Dr. George Weinstock is an American geneticist and microbiologist, Professor at Evnin Family and Director of Microbial Genomics at the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.. He has worked in genomics and microbiology for over 40 years. Previously, he was the co-director of the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston where he was one of the leaders of the Human Genome Project.

Dr. Leroy Hood

President and Co-founder, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle & Member of eureKARE SAB
A pillar in the biotechnology field, Dr. Hood has played a role in founding fifteen companies, including Amgen and Applied Biosystems. He is one of the fathers of gene sequencing. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. Dr. Hood graduated from Caltech with a PhD in biochemistry.

Dr. Joel Doré

Research Director, MetaGenoPolis, INRAE & Member of eureKARE SAB
Research Director at INRA, Pr. Dore is Scientific Director of MetaGenoPolis, a Unit of the Micalis Institute “Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health”. He aims to contribute to a better understanding of the intestinal ecosystem in order to support therapeutic choices. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Pamela Silver

Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School & Member of eureKARE SAB
Pr. Silver is an American cell and systems biologist and a bioengineer. She is one of the founding members of the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, where she runs the Silver Lab. She has been named one of the top twenty Global Synthetic Biology Influencers and has served on numerous government advisory panels.

Dr. Felix Rey

Head of Virology Department, Institut Pasteur, Paris & Member of eureKARE SAB
Dr. Rey is a structural biologist who spent 7-years as post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University, where he specialized in the structure of viruses. He created the Structural Virology Unit at Institute Pasteur. His research focus has included the 3D structures of viral polymerases and the study of viral envelope proteins.

Industry jury

To be added soon


Winner’s prize package

Kick-start IP Package

3-year CRISPR/Cas9 license

Our SynBio Ambassadors

These experts have an impressive track record of spreading news about the power of SynBio and we appreciate their support with the eurekAWARDS. Their help is invaluable as we reach across borders to engage a diverse pool of talented scientists and entrepreneurs!

Nicolas Krink

Postdoctoral Researcher at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability & Bio Venture Fellow at BlueYard Capital
Nicolas Krink, PhD, is a driving force for SynBio. As a co-founder and now advisor of GASB, an iGEM alum and 2013 grand prize winner, a BlueYard Venture Fellow alum, researcher, and the CEO of a DTU Biosustain spin-off, Nico's achievements align with our vision. He's dedicated to fostering SynBio in Europe and beyond towards a bio-based, sustainable future.

Joana L. Rodrigues

Researcher at Centre of Biological Engineering, Invited Professor at the University of Minho & Steering Committe Member of EUSynBioS
Joana L Rodrigues is a researcher at Centre of Biological Engineering and an Invited Assistant Professor at Biological Engineering Department from University of Minho. She has a MSc in Biological Engineering, a PhD in Bioengineering Systems (MIT-Portugal Program) and 10+ years of experience in SynBio field. She is also in the Steering Committee of EUSynBioS and a contributor of ValleyDAO in the DealFlow & Incubation team.

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