SynBio Day 2022

Synthetic Biology for the Protection of our Planet

October 13-14, 2022 | Monaco

About the 2022 edition

The second edition of our annual event explored the use of synthetic biology tools for oceanic and atmospheric challenges. Watch the highlights below. 
    • Inaugural Monaco event – special focus on Monaco’s avant-garde ecological example and rich maritime history.
    • Built on eureKARE’s annual event dedicated to synthetic biology..
    • Keynote speakers from academia, industry, government, and finance expert round tables, Green Tech and NGO showcase & more.


We were pleased to welcome a diverse group of over 20 international speakers who provided many examples of how synthetic biology can be harnessed for the benefit of our environment. The program covered new research, policy, commercialization, legal aspects, work done by not-for-profits, and much more!

October 13

Introduction: Opening remarks 9:30 – 9:50

Science & Tech Talks: Various speakers 9:50- 12:40

Roundtable: Various speakers 12:40- 13:10

Science & Tech Talks: Various speakers 14:00- 15:00

Science & Tech Talks: Various speakers 15:15- 16:55

Science & Tech Talks: Roundtable discussion 16:55- 17:25

October 14

EureKARE biotech studios  presentation: 9:00 -9:15

Science & Society Presentations: Various speakers 9:15-10:35

Science & Society Presentations: Various speakers 10:45-11:45

Science & Society Presentations: Various speakers 10:45-11:45

Group Feedback and Closing: 12:45-13:30

Meet our speakers

Alexandre Mouradian

CEO, Founder & Chairman


Georges Rawadi

Chief of Biotech Studio Development


Patrick Rampal


Centre Scientifique de Monaco

Serge Pampfer

Chief Science Officer


Denis Allemand​

Scientific Director

Centre Scientifique de Monaco​

Andreea Strachinescu

Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

European Commission

Hinrich Grothe​

Full Professor, Institute of Materials Chemistry

Vienna University of Technology

Rachid Benchaouir​​



Tina Šantl-Temkiv

Assistant Professor

Aarhus University​, Denmark

Peter Ertl​​

Full Professor

Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Jordan Hartunians



Joel Doré

Research Director

Université de Paris-Saclay, INRA, AgroParisTech

Christian Voolstra

Full Professor

University of Konstanz, Germany

Pierre Amato


CNRS - Clermont University

Pablo Nikel

Senior Researcher and Group Leader

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Denmark

Liang Wu

Founder & CIO

Green City Solutions

Sven Panke

Full Professor

ETH Zurich

Jakob Schweizer

Scientific Coordinator

Max Planck Society

Virginie Tassin

Founder & Director

VTA Tassin – Ocean Law & Policy

Ann Carpenter


Braid Theory

Fiona Mischel

Director of International Outreach


Andy Bass

Chief Marketing Officer


Victor de Lorenzo

Lead Researcher

Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia

Igors Berkovics

Biocatalyst Foundation

Amanda Alker

Graduate Student


Lina Hansson

Coordinator of Initiatives

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Hendrik Cooper

Head of Steering

German Association for Synthetic Biology

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